Paradise Grass Trees – Premium Wholesale and Retail Grass Tree Supplier

The greek word Xanthos means yellow and rheo means flow. The genus is named xanthorrhoea due to the yellowish resin which flows (exudes) from the trunk of some of the species. Some aborigines call the plant Balga which means black boy. The common name for xanthorrhoea or Balga is grass tree.

Paradise Grass Trees sells xanthorrhoea. This is a small business with focus on quality plants and customer service. We believe the grass tree is an iconic Australian plant. Many of the trees we look after are from 20 to 100 years old and deserve the best of care.

We understand purchasing a grass tree is a big investment, and we are pleased to provide the retail nursery or the individual customer with any assistance or advice. Paradise Grass Trees as the name suggests only focus on grass trees.

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